The third Weekly Winner has been chosen…

This week in the MRC Festival Zone, you’ve chosen…

Nina, you’re the Week 3 Winner!

Each week students in the MRC Festival Zone vote for their favourite to put them in the running for the £500 prize.

On the final day of the activity, the Weekly Winner with the most votes will be named the Overall Winner and take home the money!

Students, you can now VOTE for who you want to win in Week 4 of the activity.

Keep ASKing the researchers and technical staff about their work and join in the final evening chat, next Thursday 7-8pm.

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  1. ninarzechorzek says:

    Wow! I’m dumbstruck….was not expecting that! Thank you so much to everyone who voted – it means a lot that you felt inspired by the science I do, or the idea that you want to see brought to life. I hope I’ve given you some useful tips for your own careers. Keep asking questions! 🙂

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