• Question: Are you gamer?

    Asked by tuneinfriday on 26 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Matthew Bareford

      Matthew Bareford answered on 26 Jun 2019:

      Not avidly, but I do like playing a variety of games. I tend to dip in and out mostly of my own gaming. But I do play lots with my son, such as Minecraft, fortnite, Mario cart and even pokemon GO (apparently this means he can trade things in the game)

    • Photo: Rebecca Moon

      Rebecca Moon answered on 26 Jun 2019:

      No I’m not. I have two boys though, who are not yet old enough to be into gaming, but I suspect it wont be long before I have to know more about it! Any that you’d suggest?

    • Photo: Nina Rzechorzek

      Nina Rzechorzek answered on 26 Jun 2019:

      Not any more. When I was your age I spent quite a bit of time playing the classics like Cannon Fodder and Worms, but then I got into exploring the outdoors and never looked back!

    • Photo: Marianne King

      Marianne King answered on 27 Jun 2019:

      I have a few games that I love playing and have dedicated a shameful amount of my life to. The Sims 2 and Skyrim are probably the two games I love the most.

    • Photo: David Wilson

      David Wilson answered on 27 Jun 2019:

      I’ve travelled through the golden age and I still dabble ocasionally.
      I grew up with Spectrums and the NES, SNES and Megadrive, Mario, Zelda, Sonic and Street Fighter.
      Playstation and PC gaming at university eventually an XBOX.
      The XBOX 360 was the last console i owned since then i’ve played a bit of PC games and mobile games.
      Most of the ones i enjoyed the most were rpg’s like Fallout or FPS’s with strong storylines like Titanfall 2.
      I tried PUBG and Apex Legends but my 360 noscope skills are seriously rubbish nowadays.

    • Photo: Shobhana Nagraj

      Shobhana Nagraj answered on 27 Jun 2019:

      I am not a gamer in the traditional sense – but I have been involved with a team in developing “serious games” for smartphones to train healthcare workers in Kenya – you can read more about the project here: https://oxlifeproject.org
      I do play this game a lot and am really interested in how we use games to learn!

    • Photo: Thiloka Ratnaike

      Thiloka Ratnaike answered on 27 Jun 2019:

      No (sorry)..my husband likes to think of himself as one, but just doesn’t get the time anymore!

    • Photo: Deepak Chandrasekharan

      Deepak Chandrasekharan answered on 27 Jun 2019:

      Yeah I enjoy it a lot. I used to own Nintendo consoles (and before that Ataris!) but now play on phone mostly. Hope to get a switch as a PhD finishing treat! I really enjoyed Ready Player One for the nostalgia!

    • Photo: Lorena Boquete Vilarino

      Lorena Boquete Vilarino answered on 28 Jun 2019:

      I play videogames quite a lot, although waaay less than I used to! I have always played some sort of videogame since I first got a Game Boy (the big grey bulky one). My favourite game was Donkey Kong. My cousins got a Super Nintendo and I fell in love with Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda. Then I got a Nintendo 64, I used to play so much! In summer I would swap it for my best friend’s Playstation so I could play Final Fantasy, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot… I then started playing Age of Empires, StarCraft and Counter Strike with my friends when I was in high school, and later we used to play World of Warcraft all together!
      I don’t play online that much anymore, but I play Mario Kart a lot (trying to complete the 200cc mode in Mario Kart 8 at the moment…), I’m still trying to finish The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild with all the extra missions.
      I also used to play Pokemon Go but I gave up a few months ago, it kept crashing on my phone 🙁