• Question: Hi Ryan. I'm a year 8 student and I wanted to ask how it is to work in the University Of Oxford - Science, considering that it is well known.

    Asked by iqera to Ryan on 24 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Ryan Beveridge

      Ryan Beveridge answered on 24 Jun 2019:

      Hi Iqera,
      That is a difficult question because Oxford is so big and has so many departments. I work at the Weatherall institute of Molecular Medicine which is on the John Radcliffe Hospital site. It is a medium size institute that is outside of the city centre and is not part of the college system.

      This means I am slightly detached from the main university, however I do talk with a lot of PhD students which has given me some insights.

      The Unviersity of Oxford undoubtedly produces some really incredible scientific research and because it has the money to keep at the forefront of new technology the innovation is incredible. It attracts some of the very best researchers from around the world and it is a privilege to work around them.
      Working at the university in a scientific role can be very demanding as you are expected to work hard and keep up with all of the latest research whatever level you are researching at (student, early career researcher or having your own research group).
      However the difference between research at the University of Oxford and other top universities is not always big as it will depend on what the university specialises in. It will depend on your interests as to which university you go to do research but for studying for a biology related degree it is one of the best universities in the country.
      I am sorry if this does not answer your question, feel free to ask another and I will get back to you.

      Best wishes,