• Question: on a real though, what is the best thing about your job. I might consider the job. What is your job called aswell?

    Asked by ndrillz2512 on 5 Jun 2019. This question was also asked by benwilliamson, romarennie, MJ_6.
    • Photo: Nina Rzechorzek

      Nina Rzechorzek answered on 5 Jun 2019: last edited 5 Jun 2019 3:31 pm

      Making new discoveries – observing something about the natural world that no one has ever seen before (or at least not noticed before).

      I guess the best description of my job is ‘clinician scientist’ – someone who manages patients directly, but also does lab research to help answer biomedical questions that will ultimately help patients in the future.

    • Photo: Marianne King

      Marianne King answered on 5 Jun 2019:

      Being able to find things out that maybe no one has ever found out before! It’s a surreal and amazing feeling. I’m a PhD student, so I suppose as I’m still a student it’s not technically a job, but I work full time hours (sometimes longer) and am paid!

    • Photo: Kate Timms

      Kate Timms answered on 5 Jun 2019:

      The best thing as Nina said is discovering new things. Sometimes when you get the result of a new experiment, you realise you have discovered something about the universe that no one has every known before. Until you tell someone else, you’re the only person in the world that knows that fundamental fact about the universe. That’s incredible. And it gives you the chance to change the world with your research, which keeps you going when your job is hard.
      I also love that every day is different. I get to do lab research, write scientific papers, teach students, do things like this with school students or children, present my research at meetings in exotic locations – all kinds of things. If you want a varied job, being a scientist is a great choice!
      I’m a research scientist. Technically my job title is Research Fellow, but those titles change from university to university. Generally, people refer to it as being ‘postdoc’, which literally just means the jobs you do after your PhD, which is also known as your doctorate degree, hence postdoc!

    • Photo: Shobhana Nagraj

      Shobhana Nagraj answered on 5 Jun 2019: last edited 5 Jun 2019 5:59 pm

      Best thing – working with like-minded people and that feeling when you see your work making a difference to someone’s life – that’s priceless! Also, I get to play with technology as part of my job and that’s fun too!
      My job combines being a doctor with being a scientist. I am called a Clinical Academic. It is a great job, because you get to work with patients and help people directly as a doctor, and you also get to do scientific research which can make a difference to more people indirectly, in addition to being a doctor.

    • Photo: Ross Hill

      Ross Hill answered on 5 Jun 2019:

      Making discoveries that can ultimately change the life of human patients in hospitals and change the way we view biology.

      Title: Scientist.

    • Photo: Rebecca Moon

      Rebecca Moon answered on 5 Jun 2019:

      My official job title is a clinical researcher as I do both research and a hospital doctor. The best thing is the variety, every day is different and no time to get bored.

    • Photo: Matthew Bareford

      Matthew Bareford answered on 6 Jun 2019:

      My job is called ‘Senior Technician of Biomaterials’.

      The Best things about my job has to be getting to do come really cool experiments in the lab, such as DNA sequencing and also discovering new things.

      Another great thing about my job is that my role is really quite flexible, in that I have my work hours to complete each week, but these don’t have to be at a set time so I can start early and finish early or I can get my work done around other things, such as school pick up for my children and even some of my races! This makes my job even better as my work-life balance is spot-on!

    • Photo: Alex Blenkinsop

      Alex Blenkinsop answered on 6 Jun 2019:

      I am a medical statistician. This means I use mathematical techniques (like regression modelling, probability and hypothesis testing) to understand how our health is connected with the world around us. This is really important for measuring the effectiveness of new drugs, or for finding out what causes life threatening diseases.

      Did you know the person who found out smoking causes cancer was a medical statistician? Every headline you read about health has usually come from statistical research so my favorite thing about my job is being part of the bigger picture in improving our knowledge of the human body.

    • Photo: David Wilson

      David Wilson answered on 6 Jun 2019:

      In research you can be very independent in your job. You might have a question you want to answer but how you do that, the experiments you do and how you use your time is up to you really. This does mean that you have to be quite self motivated at times but having the freedom and support to explore what your interested in is really a great feeling.

    • Photo: Ettie Unwin

      Ettie Unwin answered on 6 Jun 2019:

      My job is a “research associate”. I’m doing research into the spread of malaria post being a PhD student and before I have enough experience to apply to be a lecturer. I really like the flexibility I have to work on lots of really interesting projects with some really smart people. I also get to do a bit of travel to talk to people about my work and maybe visit some countries that have the diseases I work on to meet doctors and data collectors.

    • Photo: James Streetley

      James Streetley answered on 6 Jun 2019:

      My job title is SCMI Facility Manager. This means I look after our microscopy facility – doing a mixture of science and working in an office on spreadsheets and calendars.

      The best feeling in my job is getting a great result or when an experiment works really well. It can take such a long time to get experiments just right, with lots of work, so the satisfaction/relief when it works is huge!

    • Photo: Kaitlin Wade

      Kaitlin Wade answered on 7 Jun 2019:

      Amazing! Yes become a researcher! It’s so fascinating 🙂

      My job title is “Research Fellow in Genetic Epidemiology”. The “Research Fellow” bit means that I’ve managed to get my own funding to do the research that I want to do rather than relying on someone else’s money. And “Genetic Epidemiology” is what I research. Epidemiology is the study of epidemics in the population – so how patterns of disease or illness or even healthy things spread in the population and, specifically, what causes them and how we can prevent disease and make health more widespread. I use genetics in my job, which is really complex but that makes it more fun!

    • Photo: Rachel Hardy

      Rachel Hardy answered on 8 Jun 2019:

      I am a PhD student, which I treat like a job as I get paid. My favourite thing about my job is that I could make new discoveries, which have the potential to improve the lives of patients. I also love planning new experiments – no day is ever boring!

    • Photo: Thiloka Ratnaike

      Thiloka Ratnaike answered on 9 Jun 2019:

      My job is ‘academic clinical fellow’ – the best thing is the variety: I get to have clinical training which means lots of patient contact, and I also get a 9 month block of protected research time where I can let my little grey cells get fired up about research questions! I also get to fit in other things such as teaching students, quality improvement projects for the hospital, courses and conferences. Life is never dull 🙂