• Question: was school ever difficult for you?

    Asked by saoirseyatesfinn to David, Nina, Ettie on 14 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: David Wilson

      David Wilson answered on 14 Jun 2019:

      Yes, i was really interested in Biology so found it easy to learn but I was pretty terrible at Chemistry and French.
      I’ve learned a lot since then about how I learn things best which has helped me to better understand things i find complicated. Everyone learns differently and it’s important to find out what that is for yourself.

    • Photo: Nina Rzechorzek

      Nina Rzechorzek answered on 14 Jun 2019: last edited 14 Jun 2019 8:45 pm

      Yes, I found chemistry quite challenging and for some reason I found French much harder than German. There were also times when I really lacked confidence and felt like I didn’t always ‘fit in’. I was one of those people that was sort of ‘friends with everyone’ because I hated taking sides, this was good on the one hand because I was seldom bullied and got invited to lots of parties, but on the other hand it can be quite lonely because you feel ‘stuck in the middle’ – perhaps this set the stage for a clinical academic career were I am forever bouncing between clinical and research settings…wouldn’t swap it though!

    • Photo: Ettie Unwin

      Ettie Unwin answered on 15 Jun 2019:

      Yes. I found the social side of school quite hard. I wasn’t ever one of the popular girls and being in an all girls school was tough with lots of bickering and fighting. It took me until I started my alevels to make some proper friends and I’m still in touch with them today!