• Question: Why can i sometimes see the moon during the day?

    Asked by lilymay07 to David, Thiloka, Shonna, Shobhana, Ryan, Ross, Rebecca, Rachel, Patrick, Nina, MattyB, Matthew, Marianne, Lorena, Kate, Kaitlin, James, Ettie, Emmanuelle, Deepak, Anabel, Ambre, Alex, AlexAgrotis, Aina on 12 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Matthew Bareford

      Matthew Bareford answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      The Moon actually produces no light of it’s own, the light you see ‘from the moon’ is actually light from the sun being reflected by the surface of the moon.

      You can sometimes see the moon during the day because it is at just the right angle to reflect the light in the daytime, rather than just at night, depending upon it’s orbit around the Earth

    • Photo: Kaitlin Wade

      Kaitlin Wade answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      You can see the moon as it is reflecting the sun’s light back into your eyes. Sometimes by the time of year and where the moon is in it’s orbit around the Earth, you can sometimes see it during the day.

    • Photo: Rebecca Moon

      Rebecca Moon answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      I’m labelling Matthew as our space/skies/moon expert for the evening as he has answered all these questions in detail! I have nothing further to add!

    • Photo: Nina Rzechorzek

      Nina Rzechorzek answered on 14 Jun 2019:

      Yep – I can’t improve on the answers above. Kind of weird when it happens though isn’t it? Always makes me feel like ‘big brother’ is watching me in some kind of Sci-Fi movie.

    • Photo: Kate Timms

      Kate Timms answered on 17 Jun 2019:

      Something to do with the angle of the earth relative to the moon and the sun. It’s great to see it. And you can take good photos because there’s lots of light – something there definitely isn’t at night.