• Question: would you rather time travel to the past or future and why?

    Asked by watermelon123 on 12 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: David Wilson

      David Wilson answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      The future, i’m a huge SciFi fan so would love to see how we all end up.

    • Photo: Shobhana Nagraj

      Shobhana Nagraj answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      Wow – great question! I think I would prefer to time travel to the future and see how life will be in the future! I’m excited to see if any of the science we are working now is being used in day to day lives and also to see if there are any new cool inventions or new animals on our planet! Also hoping, space travel will be really easy in the future and I would love to see the earth from another view in space!

    • Photo: Kate Timms

      Kate Timms answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      Definitely the future! For someone like me, the past is not a very appealing place to go, unless it is for a super short trip to meet some amazing people from history.

      I’d love to go to some point in the future to see if my research has led to any major changes or improvements in people’s lives. That would be some great inspiration!

    • Photo: Kaitlin Wade

      Kaitlin Wade answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      Great question! I would much rather travel to the future, say 200 years, to see what I will not be able to see physically. I would want to know what state the Earth is in and whether we have the opportunity to save it and how.

    • Photo: Aina Roca Barcelo

      Aina Roca Barcelo answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      I would say TRAVEL TO THE PAST (just to be different from everyone else lol). Why knowing about the future when we can actually shape it! It is much more exciting like this!

      I kind of like the uncertainty of not knowing what is awaiting. Every day a vast number of opportunities opens in front of us. With every decision we make (and people around us make) we shape the future. How crazy is that, eh!? Think of it as if you were stopped in a road intersection with thousands, millions, infinite roads going to different destinations… that is where you (us) are standing right now… which path will you pick?

    • Photo: Marianne King

      Marianne King answered on 13 Jun 2019:

      I’d travel to the future too, the past looks a bit grim most of the time. It’d be great to see whether humans had managed to solve any of the massive problems we face now, like climate change, world hunger, poverty etc.

    • Photo: Rebecca Moon

      Rebecca Moon answered on 13 Jun 2019:

      Ive been thinking about my answer to this for a while, and as much as I think in some ways time travel would be really cool, I’m also not sure id want to do either. I don’t think id want to go back in time as I’m actually quite happy with my life at the moment, and if I changed one thing back in time, I might not be where I am now. And, it I went forward in time, I might see something bad and would I then be able to change it? Oh this is too complicated and I’ve thought about it far too much!

    • Photo: Nina Rzechorzek

      Nina Rzechorzek answered on 14 Jun 2019:

      Great Q – I would time travel just enough to feel like I’ve had a decent night’s sleep and so my brain works at its best. I make this wish every morning (or should I say afternoon!). FYI, if all of my research plans work out, this might become a reality! 🙂

    • Photo: Matthew Bareford

      Matthew Bareford answered on 14 Jun 2019:

      This is definitely a hard one… I think so long as I wouldn’t have any effects on the outcomes of the past, I would like to travel there more. This would enable me to meet some really cool people (Einstein, newton, Galileo, etc.) and also to see some pretty awesome events – such as the Dinosaurs!!!! as well as awesome music gigs 😀🤩😎